My Story

Hi there, I am Jeffri, I was born and bred in Malaysia. I am passionate about basketball, I am a die-hard fans for Liverpool FC and Stevie G, I used to enjoy debate. After getting married with my beloved wife Lydia in 2018, I began to serve as a full time trainee in St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral (Kuala Lumpur). Lydia has also been working for Equip Gospel Ministries (a Reformed Evangelical theological training centre).

I have set up this blog with the aim to share life, faith and interests. In my blog, you will see how proud and rebellious I was since young, aspired to grow up as a high achiever yet and lost myself during the journey. I have always been struggling with pride and self-abasement (even until today), and I came to know the Gospel when I was stuck in deep desperation, which in turn started my journey to follow Jesus Christ.

I am from a family which is deeply rooted in Chinese beliefs and culture. It was impossible for anyone to discipling me when I was young, hence, my mum decided to follow her friend’s advice to bring to kids’ classes in church, hoping that I might become more teachable. During these lessons, although I often heard about the Gospel of Jesus, and how Jesus died for the sins of men, all these events summed up to be merely a touching story to me.

Therefore, during my high school days, I found no interest in the Gospel. I was fervently pursuing achievements and satisfaction in my academic results, debate, basketball, and relationship. In fact, I could fulfill most of my dream with hard work. I was very proud of my successes, and I thought I had a bright future.

The morning sun never lasts the day. Due to my own fault, during my second year in University, my courtship fell apart, my friendships were affected, and my study was hugely impacted till the point that I might not be able to get a scholarship to continue on with my third year. All of a sudden, I lost control over my life. My life no longer steered according to my planned script. All I felt about future was darkness, pitch darkness.

These hurts caused by my repeated mistakes (and sins), have made me realized my ugliness and shamefulness. I doubted if God would ever want to accept a wretched man like me. I was directionless, I started to read Bible, hoping that I can find an exit for my desperation.

In the following year, I went to the UK and regularly joined a Bible study class hosted by a Liverpool church. As we read through Paul’s letter to the Romans, I gradually came to understand the Gospel. I was surprised that God accepts me, not because how good I am, but solely because Jesus has died for a wretched man like me, and fully paid the price of my sins. This Bible study class truly solidified my faith in the Gospel.

Although, I know the biblical truths with my mind, but frankly, my heart response has always fallen short of the biblical standards. The deepening of my biblical knowledge, have not necessarily convicted me to desire God more, or kept my heart away from sins. Indeed, as I strive to live out a life worthy of the Gospel in my daily life, my work, my marriage, I still face various temptations, struggles and challenges.

I also notice that many Christians around me share the same struggle as me, as they seek to follow Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, due to everyone’s high tempo lifestyle, and our ‘do not disturb others’ culture, it has often led us to face this challenge alone. We do not wish to bother others with our problems, and in turn, we do wish others to bother us as well.

Therefore, I wish that through the sharing in my articles (PS: mainly in Mandarin but you may use the in-site Google Language Translator to translate them to English), you will know that you are not lonely in this battle. I sincerely hope that by revealing my feelings and vulnerabilities, it will also encourage brothers and sisters in Christ to build trustworthy relationship under a safe environment.  My prayer is that with the sharing of the biblical truth I have learnt, you will come to know the good news of salvation by Jesus Christ, and turn to Him as your personal Saviour.

Let theology drives our desire for God,
let honesty stirs up our relationship with one another