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During these two years of full time ministry internship, I am convinced that Gospel is the most essential truth for everyone, and I realize that churches are facing a huge challenge as ‘the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few’.

With the encouragement from my church and wife, and after prayerful consideration, I believe that further theological study will be necessary and beneficial for me to be equipped for a long-term ministry.

Therefore, Lydia and I are planning to pursue a full time Master of Divinity program at Sydney Missionary & Bible College, for 3 years beginning from next year 2022 (previously 2021, deferred due to pandemic). After that, we intend to return to Malaysia and serve in Chinese ministries.

As such, we hope to raise fund for our expenses (AUD1 :RM3.3):

  • Initial costs          :AUD 12,303   (one-off) [Fund Raised: ≈58.46%]
    (flights, visa, necessities, arrival quarantine etc) 
  • Recurring costs  :AUD 20,122   (yearly)    [Monthly Pledged: ≈47.58%]
    (textbooks, living costs, transportation etc)
    (monthly AUD 1,676.83 for our family)

Please do prayerfully consider supporting us, by way of monthly pledge for our recurring costs. Or sharing this campaign to others who are able to financially partner with us. Every contribution counts.

(Updated: as at 1.5.2021; Financial Accountability Partner: Lee Jian Xian)

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